Sunday, May 17, 2009


Callie, this one is for you. I know how much you believe in fate. I'm back down to 2 healers. Yesterday Gerald had a call from our friend Cole that had bought a sister to Spot and Jackson. He had wanted a female and so I called my friend Norm, he said that Cole could have the female that I had set aside for him. I had tried to get Cole to take Spot. Friday they had her fixed, she died yesterday. They wanted another one and we offered Spot. At first Gerald told him Jack, until he felt my dirty look burning holes through his head. We had discussed that Spot would be better off in a single dog household. He won't focus with another dog around, otherwise he listens well. Jack couldn't hadle the competition of 3 other dogs in the house. He is doing great with Max, he knows his place. I kept him in the house for the first night and he did not go potty on the floor. The only accident he had is when Geral walked in and scared him. He is intimadated by Gerald. Right now he is sleeping at my feet. We are still working on not jumping up on people and furniture. He does understand no, so he is figuring that out. Callie, you did do the right thing. Spot is in a place that he gets all the attention and Jackson is content having Max as his mentor and following me around without Max getting too jealous. He did negative things to get more attention. It really was good being able to place Spot with Cole, 2 puppies get into too much trouble.
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The People History said...

So glad Jackson is settling in we felt very guilty about having to let him go go , sounds like he is happy and you love him


Callie said...

I am so glad it all worked out, He seems so happy!