Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Again, Still Busy

These two were wrestling on my lap like this last night.........Yeah, That was good fun!

Misty's general attitude...............So what............

Today I noticed that my Lilacs are starting to open.

Spot says, "Screw this crap, I was just zapped on the top of my head!"

Fido, amazingly still going strong at 15 years old and has crossed the fence and never gotten zapped.

The goat boys thinking they might get a treat.

The fruits of my labor today and my master plan which led to Spot getting his head zapped. If anyone remembers last year when Misty was disconnecting the fence and crawling under it to get to the pasture, I had cattle panels all clipped in, which were fine, but when I opened the pasture, the electric was shorting out on the panels and not getting through to or around the pasture. Which is never a good thing and was making me nervous as I have had the occasional escapee over the years. So , I came up with this idea and it worked as evidenced by Spot's head getting zapped.

And while I was out there giving it a test, I thought I would lay on the grass with my camera. Kola is wondering what I'm doing.

Halted in her tracks with a "What the hell?" expression on her face. Misty did not care at all and continued to graze, of course.


Midlife Mom said...

Oh my those teeth look pretty long! And they were in your lap doing that ?!!! Yikes! Noodles and Munchie sometimes to that when they are in my lap and I just hang on for dear life with the hair flying everywhere from their toenails digging each other! The next minute they are grooming each other and purring. Go figure!

How many goats do you have? Do you show them or are they nice lawn ornaments? I love goats but we aren't allowed to have them here. That stinks. Had them when we were children and they were so much fun.

My lilacs won't be open for a couple more weeks probably. I can't wait, I just love them and their fragrance!

Do you have that underground dog fencing or did he get zapped going under the horse fencing?

Callie said...

We have three de-balled boy goats, just for fun and they are sweeties. No underground fencing, he got zapped from the horse fence on the top of his head, LOL. The dogs need reminders every now and again.Spot never crosses the fence but will lie so his head reaches under it and if one of the horses grazes too close, he'll try and nip a nose.

kdwhorses said...

Oh my hope those teeth don't miss and get you! :O

Liliacs are beautiful!

Thanks for the comments on Shelby! I knew I would miss her, but didn't realize I would be so upset with her gone! I can't wait to see the puppies they produce! With Chuck's working cow dog background, Shelby's atheltic, cow dog experience. Should be great pups!

Paint Girl said...

Kola is so cute! It's not everyday you lay in the grass to take pictures! I always wonder what horses think about us and the things we do.
Your goats are awfully cute!

Jean said...

Oh my, my lilacs have been in full bloom for well over week. For some reason the smell was amazing this year. Some of them are browning up now, though. I am going to miss them. They are all so beautiful.

Love your pictorials. The assessments of what the animals are actually thinking are great!!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

My lilacs bloomed about two weeks ago. I love them. They are one of my favorite flowers because the smell is incredible.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Kola's surprised expression...and Misty's pissy expression. Un-Horse people just don't see that horses have expressions. You just don't realize it until you've been around them enough.

Fun pics today.