Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Told You Spring Was Here

Well spring finally sprung for us here in Wisconsin and I wish I knew which of the signals told us it was spring

1. My yellow daffodils peaking out to make me smile

2. The barn swallows buzzing around on recon flights picking out their nest sites

3. Being able to go outside in teeshirt without having parts of my anatomy fall off

4. Callie getting frustrated because the grass is growing and the Mowers not going

5. The roads round here filled with tractors as the farmers start planting ( Our neighbor kicks off at 4:30 AM )

Or just a combination of them all

Happy Spring to one and all lets enjoy the outdoors for the next 6 months

What made you realise spring had arrived this year ?



Grey Horse Matters said...

Spring was here for me when I could stop shoveling snow and saw some green instead of white on the ground. And now there's lots of dead bugs on my windshield instead of ice. Hope your ankle is healing well.

Carroll Farm said...

I think we have passed the spring part of our year - it lasted all of two weeks or so - now, we are in the high 90's and 100's next week.

What made me realize it was spring - don't know - I blinked and I missed it!

dickiebo said...

People like you being so bloody happy! lol.

kdwhorses said...

I love Spring! I love to be outdoors!

Strawberry Lane said...

Spring arrived when the rain stopped and I could quit harping about the mud.

Now, with all that rain we have flowers blooming everywhere.

Now, we are heading for some hot weather ... luckily that comes and goes. (not harping, again)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Spring visited for all of 7 days here. I could tell because the peach tree bloomed and the apple and apricot trees, too. My daffodils peek out for maybe 3 days and then withered when the temps reached 85 degrees.

I don't trust Spring, though. Last May, we had 80 degree temps...and then at the end of May...a big snow storm and late freeze.
Yep. Up here at 7500 we can even get snow in June and July. lol!

I don't even think we get Spring up here. Maybe it should be called Spruminter. (combo of Spring/Summer/Winter)

Enjoy your lovely Spring, Callie!