Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Kola has lost some weight. She's looking much better, but still has some weight to lose. Both girl's are desperate for a bath. Last week they got hosed off a few days in a row because of the heat, but they really need a serious soap and bubbles bath. I will get to that next week as it is actually chilly these past couple of days. Kola likes the taste of her Thyro-L mixed in her Equibalancer pellets. Misty gets the pellets as well. I no longer feed any grain to either of them. I haven't been able to let them out in the pasture because it is chocked full of clover in spite of my best efforts to mow it down. And after last years incident with "slobbers", I'm not taking any chances. Although "slobbers" really isn't a big deal, it means I would have to go and buy electrolytes and shove them in them to prevent dehydration., so I'll wait until I mow it down again. The fly predators are doing a good job and it's time to trim these feet again.
Meanwhile, Mina has managed to dig up my dead kitties and the dogs had commenced in rolling in them. I managed to re-bury them this morning and will put a couple of cement blocks over the burial site. Zoe adopted a new kitten, very cute, however, she hasn't given it a name yet. It's a grey pastel tortoise shell female and very pretty. Quite tiny for 6 months old as well. She will be taking this kitty with her to her apartment when she goes back to University. It will be very pampered. It was tough to see so many kitties and pups needing a home at the Humane Society. Such a great place. One of the best shelter's I've ever been to. It's where we adopted Mina from last year.
I was planning on perhaps hitchin' a ride with a club member and riding in the July 4th parade, but I don't think I'll get these feet trimmed before then and I wanted a little time for growth before I put Misty out there on the pavement and besides she's starting to get her summer flares. I always have to trim more often in the summer. It's just been five weeks, plus the hoof supplements they were on prior and the extra vitamins found in the Equibalancer feed.And Jeremiah has been unavailable for awhile as he had gone back to school for embryo transfer. Interesting as he's very involved in horses and cattle.


Jean said...

Kola is looking better. Good job on the diet. If only we could be so disciplined. (I guess if someone locked me in a paddock....)

Used to ride in the parade myself years and years ago when I was a 4-H leader. Someone found a picture from those days.

Today either one of my big guys would be far too dangerous...scary proposition. The young guy might make a parade someday, but right now he's not well enough trained. It takes a stable temperament to put up with all that hustle and bustle...but so much FUN!!

Midlife Mom said...

I always used to ride in the July 4th parade when I was a kid. I'll have to dig up an old picture and post it!

Kola is looking really good! The diets here are going pretty well too. I wish I had taken a picture of Lil' Bud 'before' and then an after picture in a few months! Still is pretty cresty though. :o(

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your girls are looking good, I've got to give baths too, but it's been chilly weather like you have or raining. Love the little kittie, I'm sure it will be too too spoiled when she goes back to school.I can't believe they dug up your kitties, yuck, not good. Too bad you can't ride in the parade it probably would have been fun. Have a great weekend.

Rondell said...

Ooooh. This horses is pretty. Does you like to pet them. Rondell always wanted herself a pony as a child but mama and daddy say they can't afford one. Instead they gave me one of them troll dolls to pet up one. Not the same if you ask me.