Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Honest Scrap.................

I have been tagged by Julian at White Horse Pilgrim to do an honest "Scrap". these are the rules.
• Recognize your award presenter and link back to their blog in your post. • List 10 honest things about yourself. • Present this award to 10 admirable bloggers who have moved you, and link to their blogs. • Notify recipients they have been awarded, so they can retrieve it.
1) This is tough and not for the reasons my good friend at Oh Horse Feathers listed, but for what haven't I revealed about myself already.........hmmmmmmm.......thinking here.
2) Well, I really have no filter. I tend not to mince words, often getting myself in trouble. Not to say that I don't use decorum when necessary, just that when it needs to be said, I'll often be the first one to say it. That means that I don't care who you are, what you do, what authority you have, but if you've done something wrong or pissed me off, I'll let you know, including telling a local policeman that pulled me over for going slightly over the speed limit that his penis was small. That cost me $250 and to me was well worth it. Also in a different incident in which I felt wronged over the settling of my Mother's estate, I told the attorney suing me and the mediator to "kiss my ass" as I stormed out of the courthouse. Just for a few examples.
3) I'm extremely passive-aggressive, oops. We all have our flaws, including farting on my chair at my computer prior to leaving the area when my daughter kicked me off to use it for her games. (hehehehe) embarrassing giggle there. Stephen, bless his most patient heart, must truly love me, cuz even he giggled at that one.
4) There are matters in which I am extremely anal retentive.........Diet coke, NO substitutes, period. Carlton Menthol cigarettes, NO substitutes ever!. The time in which it takes me to get ready for work, or anything really, but especially for work and I must arrive early to work ALWAYS. Including the way the bed must be made for the child I'm caring for, clean, decorations on baby blankets facing the correct direction and the way I take over an admission and direct the scene. All time saving and thorough, I assure you and the way the tell the Doctors that I'm putting in an order for whatever I feel needed in their name and it would be really nice if they sign it please. My co-workers are used to me and generally just step back and giggle or make comments to Aye, aye, captain, LOL!
5) My husband says I must include this one, He tells me and the world that Callie is the most loving, caring, and faithful friend, companion, & wife that any man could ever wish for. He just made me cry. Not to mention, he's the best!
6) I hate house cleaning, but love mowing the lawn, however that has suffered recently and when I finally do have the house clean, I don't let anyone sit anywhere or dirty it, LOL!
7) I absolutely LOVE shopping, but I'm unbearably miserable if I am forced to shop with others and don't have money to spend. I can be a real "Moo".
8) I hate to see even one grey hair dare to make an appearance on my head. So consequently, Stephen has learned the signs and intervenes with a quick trip to Regis for the full monty before I head off to Walmart to get the DYI crap and stand in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors, of which never quite turns out the way I had hoped when I try it myself.
9) I hate reading books, of any sort and often wonder how my daughter turned out to be such a book worm. PS. But I read any number of horse magazines.
10) If I have one nemesis in life, it's called the kitchen. Cooking or Cleaning. I've often thought my hell would be that at standing at a sink with a never ending pile of dishes I've been forced to wash & remember the "Beef Strognoff" ei: Hamburger Helper incident.....hehehehehe.
Well, this has turned out to quite revealing. Just checking that Stephen hasn't packed his bags! LMAO! Now to pass this on to some other unsuspecting souls out there.........
Ok, First I'll pass this on to John & Regina at Horse Talk Indiana who I have admired and gotten to know over this past year, a sweet couple! Next, onto JeniQ, at Super Size My Cob, one of my new followers. Next, Dusty at Copper Ponys Cowgirl. Next, Carol at Campin'HorseLuvR . And Liza at California Living.
And I think I'll break the rules and end it at there as most of us have had this opportunity!


The People History said...

hhhhmmmm Poor Policeman , 15MPH school zone Callie doing 35MPH ,


Transylvanian horseman said...

You are such a good sport, thank you.

As for point 2, I could use you at work. I have a real shortage of people prepared to kick the asses of engineers, estimators, etc. Really. Pity that you live so far away.

Farting on the chair. No comment. At the barn Doru gets blamed a lot. Unfortunately I can't blame him at work. The lift won't accept 600kg so I can't get him in. But anyway people are so afraid of swine flu that a little methane troubles no-one.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your scrap list is great. I hate cooking and cleaning and dealing with ticketing cops too. I think why I like you so much is you are very much like myself. I have a tendency to get myself in trouble because I usually open my mouth before thinking too. I can tell you're a good person who has a lot of fun and a lot of good friends.

Jean said...

My house needs a good cleaning too. HOwever, I did clean the stalls and under the run in shed this afternoon. One has to have one's priorities straight, as you do. *lol*

Callie said...

Actually , when I really think about it, the small penis ticket cost me $400 , hehehe

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

Callie, the bookworm thing came from me. I am just as happy to curl up with a book then watch TV.
Transylvanina horseman, to bad your so far away. I am very experienced at kicking engineers butts. I have to constantly go in with drawings and part lists and have them correct them. I'm the purchasing agent and I can see the mistakes, I feel your pain.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmm, Yes very revealing, my friend! lol!

Had no idea you smoke. I did in my teen years. Went cold-turkey after one night of smoking an entire pack of cigs. Thought I was going to die the next morning. Yuk!
I hate the taste of diet anthing. If I can't drink or eat the real thing, then I don't want any of it. blah!

I just have to know how in the world you knew that policeman's penis was too small? I cannot even imagine. lol! I know I wouldn't even be looking at the cop's private bits if I was getting a ticket. gah!

I like your passive-aggressive tendancies. lol!

And me in the kitchen?
I tolerate it, but I'd rather sneak away to the barn and just let the kids eat cereal all day, instead of preparing and cleaning up meals.


Callie said...

LOL, Lisa,his penis was small simply because he was a jerk writing me a ticket, didnt see it, just made a more than likely right guess, LOLOLOL!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Goodness, Callie! What a surprise to be included for the award! Thank you -- I am quite flattered! It was neat reading all that stuff about you....funny how we are all getting to know each other, even though we will most likely never meet.
Now, if I could just figure out how to get the award over to my site and do the link stuff (??). I am really new to all of this. But I promise I will work on it this evening.....