Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Many Remember This

This is for July 16th 1969 40 years ago and I wonder how many of our fellow bloggers remember this special date in History or are willing to admit it ( Hehehe )

16th July ( 1969 ) Apollo 11 astronauts were launched into space on a Saturn 5 rocket launched from Cape Kennedy at 9:32 a.m. hoping to be the first men to land on the moon.
The crew consisted of
Neil Armstrong, Commander
Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot
Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot
It's estimated more than a million people watched the launch at Cape Kennedy in Florida. Apollo 11 is scheduled to make it's moon landing in four days time on Sunday 20 July if all goes well.

Some dates in history live in world history , the date of the Apollo 11 launch and the subsequent landing of a man on the moon are one of those times when not only Americans but people in all countries around the world where radio or TV provided access for people to watch and listen to these moments in history that showed the reason why man has achieved and continues so achieve many great leaps forward in technology. I suspect most who are old enough and lucky enough to have lived on this historic week have vivid memories of this special period in our history. Steve


photogchic said...

I was born in 72, but I remember the Challenger explosion in 86. I enjoyed listening to the radio broadcast today of loud you could almost feel it take off through the radio.

Anonymous said...

My father was at the launch - he worked in the space program for one of the prime contractors. My growing up was very connected to the whole space program - I even got to meet the Apollo 8 astronauts!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I was 16 in '69 and I do remember this event and remember how it amazed me at the time. Who would have thought way back then that space travel was even possible.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

I remember it -- I was 14 and babysitting the neighbors children. We watched it on TV (black & white!!).

The People History said...

I was 19 and remember sitting round a small Black and White TV thinking how fantastic it was , I also remember looking up at the moon the night they landed and realizing what an accomplishment

Kate that must be some memory you have being so close to the action and excitement

Jean said...

I remember too. And somewhere I have an old reel to reel tape I made to record the landing. Black and white TV, as I recall and, for some reason, late at night here in NJ?? (Gotta check that one out, as memory may play false.)

It was as exciting as anything. Thanks for the memory....however skewed mine might be. *lol*

The People History said...

Hi Jean

Check out

Where I have a video of that special moment in history when man conquered that goal and includes the immortal words "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." was seen and heard by people around the globe

Vaquerogirl said...

I remember this day like it was yesterday! I remember all the moon shots leading up to this too! Yikes! I guess I am old!