Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm a Bad Mommy...............

Poor Miss Kola. I thought I would get out earlier today to get in some riding and take another spin on Miss Kola before it got too hot outside. And she was her well behaved self. I saddled her and bridled her and still with halter popped Steve on first for a lead around the pen. Steve weighs nothing soaking wet and the saddle is lightweight. Now, mind you , she did well with me last week. But today, one of her rears buckled while I walked her the first time around, Zoe saw it and Steve felt it, of course I did not see it as I was leading. The second time around she didn't have this problem, however was huffing and puffing a bit, surely I've seen horses worked much harder and the results of that work out with quite a bit more huffing and puffing. So ultimately, I did not get on, didn't want her to collapse, LOL, not that she would, but now will really start the work out program. Even after that little bit , her poor self was sweating ever so slightly. I think with this recent weight loss from the help of the thyroid medicine, I've neglected the fact that she needs to build muscle. My plan is while I am not at work, 6am, prior to breakfast, she will get lunged, starting with just a few minutes at first and building up the time as she builds her strength and stamina. I've checked over her legs thoroughly, picked out her feet, pressed, squished, flexed all of her legs and didn't notice any tenderness or swelling. A small old remnant of a possible cut on that particular leg that didn't seem to bother her when I picked around it. I think it's just simple being out of shape. Needless to say, I will see more once I begin lunging her. Might even start a little after sundown tonight a bit. I feel so guilty. I'm hoping it's nothing more than just being out of shape. I had started lunging her early in the spring, but then the things of life just took over and that went by the wayside. And I guess, I'm spoiled to Misty, who always seems to stay in shape and handle it without tons of exercise, but she is compact and built like a little brick crap house. Anybody with any suggestions out there, opinions on other possibilities, please feel free to give advice.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Callie, sounds like you've got a plan to start slow and build her up.
I never really like to give advice, because I figure most horse folks know what they're doing, but I did do a post on some guidelines if you'd be interested in checking it out. (I couldn't hyperlink it for you sorry) I stink at this computer stuff.

Mrs Mom said...

Good luck with her Callie. Maybe Jeramiah can check her on the next trim, and see if she needs her breakover adjusted?

Give her a rub from me too please!!

Hugs to you and Steve!