Saturday, August 1, 2009

Midwest Horse Steve Remembers When

I have just finished reading Mrs Mom Remembers and it bought a smile to my face as I can just imagine the picture, well worth a visit over the Mrs Mom I am sure it will bring your own memories flooding back .

After reading her memory I thought it would make a great Meme for Horse Bloggers , now here is mine not as a knowledgeable rider just because I was young and when someone told me I was a big wussy for not getting on a horse I did so.

I was a full 18 yrs old knew nothing about horses or riding and I had a friend who informed me there was nothing to it .

Well first let me assure you I have no clue of how many hands or anything like that ( All I can say bloody thing seemed like it was enormous ) and I think it must have been an English saddle as can not remember anything to hold on to.

All went well in the beginning I managed to get on ( not sure how ) did sort of what I was told and off we went, all seemed pretty easy horse went where he wanted to but that was OK as long as he stayed away from the main road about 15ft away.

Now suddenly this person decided that all was going much to well and the next minute she whacks the horse on the butt and all hell broke loose as horse galloped full blast where ever he wanted to go with me clinging on for dear life ( at that point no reigns ) just wrapped arms round horses neck and hoped for the best , not sure how but I ended up on the ground no worse for wear except few bruises and feeling like a complete ass.

So ended my great horse experience, I know from stories Callie has told me of her and Jess when they were young they seemed to be not only fearless riders but highly knowledgeable so I hope one or both will share a memory of younger riding days.



Jean said...

I wanted to learn to ride as soon as I saw my first pony. I didn't get a chance until I was in the 7th
grade and one of the teachers at school started a riding club.

What do I remember? My first trail ride on a mare who jogged the whole time....pain. And, I used to fall off every single week. I managed to break the habit eventually. *lol*

Mrs Mom said...

Holy Cow Steve! That was a pretty rotten trick for someone to pull on you.

Has Callie gotten you on a horse since, and showed you that it's NOT, indeed, horrible??

Thanks too, for the warm words! They mean a lot to me, coming from you two!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

What an unfortunate experience!

But from the stories many, many people have told me, a much more common experience for people, than the warm, fond memories like some of us have.