Saturday, August 8, 2009

Newspapers and Magazines

Off Topic but relevant to Horse Lovers

As many of you know there is a great debate ongoing where Newspapers and Magazine are losing readership ( Mostly because of the large amount of FREE News and Information and knowledge on the NET. ) and even with the online advertising on the news sites they are still losing money. I stopped visiting them myself when the advertising became so obtrusive that I felt under siege just trying to read a news article.

I would consider myself fairly average in that before the Internet became as all encompassing I would buy a newspaper everyday and possibly 4 to 6 magazines per month, now the only time I buy a newspaper is when we go to Starbucks or Panera ( and it is one of the pleasures of going to those places. )

The point of the post is that News Corp ( Times and Sun newspapers in the UK and New York Post and Wall Street Journal in the US ) Owner Murdoch has now decided that all his newspaper sites will go pay per view.

News has to paid for if you want a free press and multi faceted .
Will You Or Would You Pay For It and how much ?.



Jean said...

Before I'd pay, I'd want to be sure the online source had the kinds of news coverage I wanted. One of the advantages of free access is that I can pick and choose from various different viewpoints and am not stuck with only one.

Not sure how much I would pay...or even if I would pay. It might be better if a group of news sources got together to kind of create a lot of options for one price.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Well, I stopped taking newspaper subscriptions years ago, because our town stopped recycling them and I hated throwing all those papers in the trash just to create more garbage in the landfill. So, I started reading the news online. It's been free, but I always thought they should charge what they would for a paper, minus delivery. They have to make money or they can't stay in business.

Katharine Swan said...

While I agree that the Internet is requiring some changes in how newspapers and magazines make money, I wouldn't be willing to pay "per view," no. I'd be willing to pay a low (to reflect the lack of printing costs) monthly or annual membership, but only for something unique. There's no point in paying for news when you truly can get it anywhere else for free.

The Internet is hardly the first medium to offer free media, however. The news has been aired for free on TV for decades -- and radio was free even before that -- and the newspapers and magazines survived then! I actually think them losing money has to do with a completely different trend -- people becoming less interested, informed, or well-read as in previous decades.

Mikey said...

Nope, I wouldn't pay for it. I used to waste $ buying the gossip rags in the store (US, People, etc) for my mindless reading. Now I read it online. Same with news. If it's important, AOL or Yahoo is going to have it. Why waste any money when times are so tight?

The People History said...

Thanks For The
Interesting feedback and comments.

I think I would be willing to pay a monthly subscription, But and here is the kicker

The news would need to be well informed and written ,

I agree with Jean about having a choice of news and editorials for that subscription there are times when I think it is good to read well written editorials from both sides of an argument to gain a balanced view.

Nuzz Muzz that is the problem we do need a healthy press but the difficulty will be in finding the balance of price to keep readership

Katherine I think you hit the nail on the head re: will it work .
I would pay for quality well written informed articles ( How Many Others Would Though ) but not for something that is driven from a Far Right wing or Far Left Wing slant , and apart from a few of the top quality news papers that appears to be what we get

thanks again

dickiebo said...

Personally, I don't mind paying - so long as it's free for Old Age Pensioners! chortle!

Molly said...

I love my morning paper, if I even only glance through the front pages. The news is indeed everywhere to be had for free, even local stuff, but reading with my coffee is always a pleasure. I can even compare movie times better with all the theatres listed in front of me. And then of course there are the ads that I don't get online.