Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It is Chilly Today & I Really Need To Get Straw!

This morning is quite brisk and I really need to get straw to spread out! It has rained for days and the paddock & training pen are knee deep in mud! But , of course my truck is in the shop once more as something keeps draining the brand new battery.

IttyBitty has devised a way to deter the others from eating their grain, he just stands in it. Weird as this usually doesn't work. Maybe the others decided his feet were such a "turn off" that they gave up and went straight for the hay.

You can tell the state of this muddy place by the look of the girls' legs! And that is fog in the picture, weird how that turned out.

The usual , "finally you're coming out to feed us" expressions!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It does look cold and miserable there. We've got rain and fog today too. I hate this kind of weather. That's funny about itsty bitsy standing in the food.

Carroll Farm said...

We are still in the high 80-90's here, but I really shouldn't complain. I have goats that stand in their buckets too and one horse that does it. Again, it doesn't work most of the time. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Standing in the grain kind of reminds me of hamsters that sit in their food dishes while eating, so that the other hamsters have to eat around their dirty butts.

Mrs Mom said...

Wow Callie, it seems like it was just last week when we were all looking forward to Spring arriving, and here you are freezing your butt off again. (I almost feel guilty sitting here in my shorts with the house open... almost...)

Winter fuzzies abound out at your place! Even your goaties are fuzzed up!!!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

We have a lot of mud here, too. It just keeps raining, but it hasn't been too cold here (yet). That is so strange about your truck -- I wonder why the battery keeps draining??? Voltage regulator?

JeniQ said...

I'm so sick of rain too makes it completely miserable to do anything in.

Jean said...

I sympathize. This weather stinks.
'Nough said.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yuk! I dislike mud so much. Once all our snow melts it's going to be awful up at the barn and even walking up the hill. I'll have to be extra careful I don't fall now, with my knee still so unstable.

I've never thought of using straw to help control the mud, though. I figured it would just compact and be a worse mess. When I've used straw in my hen house it turns into a thick heavy carpet and is impossible to clean out.
But if it works better on the mud, I may have to throw some down.


2J Genetics and Horseshoeing said...

Callie I can bring some straw by if you like, just let me know. All ya gotta do is call and your Farrier will deliver.
Jeremiah Johnson CF,

2J Genetics and Horseshoeing said...

Callie, I can bring you straw if you need. Just give a call and your Farrier will deliver.
Jeremiah Johnson CF,