Friday, October 2, 2009

Nice When Customer Service Works

As many of our regular readers will know last year we invested in 2 pellet burners from
Cumberland Stove Works ,

First I would like to point out how our investment worked out

Cost of Purchase and install of two pellet burners about
Pellet Burners cost with install $7,000
Pellets for the season 4 ton $1,000

Give or take

Savings on energy bill for last year plus the house was much much warmer in every room about $5,000 ( this is an old converted barn with poor insulation and quite a few sq feet )

Which means we will not only recover our investment in two years we have a much much warmer house ( As an aside I believe this year you can claim a decent tax savings as well was not in place when we bought ours last year )

On to the title of the post
Customer Service

We went to turn them both on this week and one kept on giving us Loss Of Vacuum error

Tried all the bits the manual said and still no better , So rang Cumberland ,

Few Great things about the call

1. Was answered by English speaking person
2. No body available right then but said they would ring back and they did 10 minutes
3. They did not spend hours working out did we have extended warranty etc. etc. just set about solving our problem

4. The techy talked me through each stage of checking out the problem and finally identified that the exhaust motor was not running properly ( Issue was damp and condensation had caused blades to stick ) bit of WD 40 and away we went , Pellet burner running like a dream.

Currently have both burners running on low so no furnace on at all yet , the two burners use about 3/4 of a bag a day ( $3.00 per day )

Just thought I would like to say glad good customer service does exist for some companies



JeniQ said...

I manage a technical customer service group for a software company. I think its because I'm in this business and strive for the best myself and my employees can give that bad service really drives me insane.

I'm very happy to hear that good customer service is not entirely lost in this world.

Great info on the pellet stoves. Our "forever home" will be large and we are already looking into alternatives including wind and solar power.

Jean said...

My heating company is fabulous for service too. And, I am more than pleased to report the solar energy company that installed my panels has been incredible.

I've dealt with too many bad service companies in my life. If there is any way to find out ahead of time about how the service is, I actually make my purchase decisions based on that.

Cheryl Ann said...

Wow! Your experience is unusual! Glad it all worked out.

Mikey said...

Amazing!! That almost never happens anymore. Those stoves are worth every penny.

Michelle said...

I'm not familiar with these stoves, but it looks interesting...Thanks for the info and glad you had a good experience. Not too common these days...

Anonymous said...

Thank You for blogging our Stoves and our service! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with five-star warranty and customer service support. We appreciate seeing our efforts noticed!
Thanks Again!
~Natalia, Warranty Specialist
~Pete, "Techy"
Cumberland Stove Works