Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland..............

And here is Stephen's and My creation...........I'm quite pleased with it's eyes as I used carefully selected horse turds! I knew they would come in handy!

Here we are posing with our new friend!

Stephen posing with his master idea! Of course by the time we were finished we were completely exhausted! It's a heavy wet snow!

Misty is definitely on the mend. Almost all the swelling of her knee is gone now and she continues to move forward. Maybe one more half dose of Banamine tonight and then we'll call it good.

The snow is just hanging on the trees.

At least there's some soft padding for them to stand on now and they are all bundled up in their winter gear.

Our frozen home, although it is toasty indoors!

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed romping around in it this morning and did help us make the snowman, mostly by stealing my carefully rolled head and using it as a ball!


Mrs Mom said...

Brrr!!! COLD!!

But it looks like you two had FUN!!!!

Glad Misty mare is on the mend too. I know all too well how scary that can be.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A corncob pipe, a button nose...and two eyes made out of....HORSE TURDS? roflmbo! How original! Love it!

I enjoyed seeing your pics, especially of your snowman, house and furries. And you've even got got heads rolling around there, too. How fun!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the idea for the eyes, hilarious! Glad you two found time to have fun.
Hope your girl is all better by tomorrow.

cdncowgirl said...

Wow you guys have way more snow than we do! Glad you had some fun in it... horse turds for eyes lmao

So good to hear that Misty is on the mend!

Jean said...

happy to hear Misty is feeling better. Love the snowman. Not the snow, just the man. I'd guess he has the insight to see to the bottom of things????? *wicked grin*

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So glad those horse turds are good for something. That really is a magnificent snowman.

JeniQ said...

All we got is Wind and COLD.... no snow yet... they keep threatening. I hope it's end of the world snow (which is what you got) I live in Cincinnati - 3 inches will shut the city down!

Being born/raised in Michigan I get very upset with drivers here when there is a "dusting"

Pony Girl said...

Are those icicles hanging from inside the shed? Wow! That is some serious snow. Looks like winter is here early this year. Love the snowman! :)

John and Regina Zdravich said...

You have way more snow than we do here in Northwest Indiana. We have a dusting...but it is really COLD here right now.....Here we go again, another challenging winter!

The People History said...

well it was -4 this morning with a windchill of -11 making temp -15 , big wake up call , Puppies all go out for morning tinkle and all three ended up laying down because feet were so cold they could not make it back up the stairs,

so I had to carry each of them up 16 stairs and they range between 45 LBS and 60 LBS so I am as we say in good old England Knackered heheheeh


Tammy said...

I received the prize today from your earlier contest. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You truly went above & beyond. (thinking of that really pretty hoofpick!) And that is a movie that I have not seen so looking forward to watching it. And no doubt my horses will enjoy the treats, too.

I have been doing some online Christmas shopping so I just assumed this was one of the gifts I ordered so it was a BIG surprise that it was actually something for ME ME ME!! YEAH!

I enjoy your blog & it is one of the regulars I visit frequently.

~Tammy of

Midlife Mom said...

You guys are a hoot! Love the idea of the horse muffins for snowman eyes!!!! LOL! We got nailed with the snow storm too but it wasn't sticky enough to make any snowmen. It is exhausting though isn't it? I make them with the grands and I am pooped!

So sorry about Misty's injury. Do hope she is much better by now. What do you put in the poultice? I have never used that but would like to but don't know how.

Your house looks so pretty with the snow. Do you put a tree on the deck?

I was supposed to take Nick to the vet today but got snowed out so will go tomorrow. I'm very concerned as the vet thinks it might be kissing spine. That will be the pits. Think good thoughts for us tomorrow as we will go in at noon. Thanks!

Michelle said...

The puppies look like they're loving that snow! Glad your girl is feeling better and on the mend.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

So glad to hear the knee is better.

What fun with the snowman! Gee, I have a kid in my house and we never even thought to build a snowman. Now the snow is much too crunchy.

-17 to -23 here the last few night Steve. Thankfully no wind, with sure helps.