Sunday, January 31, 2010

Never forget life is precious

Sometimes the comments of someone I have never met or do not know
strike home so much more than seeing a news item on TV

I received this comment today on my site

Thank you so much for this site. We recently lost our 35-year old son in a motorcycle accident. He has two children ages 4 and 3. I have used information from your site in the journal I am working on for them to help them remember their Daddy--and have included the events from the year of his birth, the year of his graduation, and from the year of his death--2009. I am looking forward to your posting the information for 2009.

Which bought home how precious life is and how we take for granted that those around us will always be there

So before you go to sleep tonight give your loved ones a kiss and for those who live far away make a phone call and remind them you love them



Mrs Mom said...

Amen Steve. Amen.

Hug Callie from me, and make sure she gives you a good hug in return from me too.

Much love to you both from our little corner of the world.

Jean said...

Something we all need to remember. Thank you.

photogchic said...

I think is is so easy to take so much for granted and sweat the small stuff...nice reminder to love what we have and live for today.

Michelle said...

Very true. Thanks for the reminder.