Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twittering without spending time and effort


Two Posts in One day , promise I will not post for a while and hand back to my darling Callie who will tell you all about the girls and how spoiled they are.

How to publish your work on Twitter without spending even more time doing something your not sure will help

Ok I am not sure how many of you have come across something called Feedburner , most of you more than likely have not , but it has just added a little extra that makes it worth checking out.

As usual I try to suggest things that do not involve money none of these do

Feedburner ( What Is It )

Basically it takes your blog posts and allows you to display them nicely on other websites etc. I have used it for a few years to display my Born This Day, This Day In History and Daily History Trivia Question on The People History and For others to Publish for example on Classmates and Classcreator plus many other sites.

So what you say ?

Well over the last few weeks Feedburner ( Socialize )and Google ( Shortened URL's )have added a couple of nice extras which mean when you create a blog post the first few words of it and a link to your post will show up on Twitter automatically without further work from you.

Step 1 create Twitter account ( easy enough try to make it similar to your blog name )
Step 2 Create Feedburner account and add your rss feed into Feedburner ( Do not redirect I don't )

Step 3 Choose Publicize Tab then socialize link and just link your twitter account to your feedburner account and for the future all your blog posts will appear on your twitter account

Cost 000000000000000

Time about 1hr in total

Here is a link to my People History twitter account to give you an idea

People History Twitter Account

as you can see I have a few hundred tweets without having to log in and create them

Have a try you can join the twitter revolution without doing anything more than telling other twitterers about your latest post


Once again
Very Happy New Year To You All and the next few dozen posts will be Callie talking with photos about the horses (the girls ), Goats (the boys), the dogs, the cats and of course wonderful photos of Wisconsin Snow and cold


Michelle said...

Cool! I signed up for Twitter awhile ago, but just can't muster up the time to manage it. This looks like the perfect option. Thanks!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Neat idea! Any time savers are great! :)


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great ideas ... and nice playlist!