Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hopefully, I'll Be Back To Some Sort Of....

Normalcy this up coming week...........First, as I a fore mentioned I had been sick last weekend and spent the entire weekend in bed.........Well, Stephen has now gone from fluish symptoms like I had to a full blown sinus infection which then brings on "face burning" migraines for him. Not pretty to witness.........Trust me. After spending Tuesday night without sleep for his painful moans and deciding to sleep on the couch last night (not comfortable) after spending the day waiting for our Doc to call in the necessary scripts for him..........I have had naps in between and am simply exhausted. We have scripts in hand and healing on the way! Not to mention numerous calls to TDS for downed Internet services nearly all day yesterday and a call to our attorney regarding the lack of service from Immigration, Once again. What I'm really trying to say is, my house is an absolute crap hole and I don't like it, however, I lack the energy it takes at this point to do anything about it. I will get to it next week.

Pitiful aren't they.........We had a snow storm blow through all of Tuesday into Wednesday morning, dumping approximately a foot. Really nothing for us. These Pictures are from during that storm. The icicles are now off my poor girls' bangs and whiskers. And, I'm pleased to announce that Jeremiah came today and I did finally get those pitiful hooves trimmed. Everybody looks and feels good for it. Glad I decided to forge forth and not cancel, because I simply didn't feel like it. Jeremiah trimmed Misty for a knee injury and said she looks great. She seemed to tolerate all very well, which delights me. My baby redhead................

The dogs did and still do enjoy the crazy amount of snow, even though they sink into it as attempting a "poop". I find it humorous, but am grateful that I do not have to do that outside in cold snow........BRRRRRRR!

So after this weekend's work and another 4 hour mandatory shift on Sunday........I'm hopeful, next week will be better. On another note, my sweet daughter just turned 21.........I won't say what that will soon make me............Gads! Needless to say, we are both very proud of her and when she comes home for Spring break, she will find a very neat present waiting for her.........


Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear you guys have been sick! I just got over a mild sinus infection, but I battle migraines a lot it is really nasty to have those in our lives! Glad the ponies got their hooves trimmed. Hang in there and take care of yourselves, you've all had quite the winter!!

Jean said...

Noted in your comments how a foot of snow is "nothing" for you guys. I was thinking exactly the same thing as our snow was piling up. For us, that much snow is an unusual event. I'm not sure whether geography or mentality make it a big deal, but it is. So, when whine, I do try to put it in perspective. *G*

So sorry you guys have been ill. I have had migraines, so I know how miserable that can be. As I write I am sending good wishes and hopes you both are feeling better, especially Stephen since he is the sufferer of the moment.

My house is a mess too. I keep telling myself with the snow out there it's a good time to clean inside. Yep. Good time. Yep. Uh-huh.

Love the dogs! Somehow they almost make the snow an adventure to celebrate.

Andrea said...

Normal? What's normal? :) my computer died and I can't wait to get it back!!! U hope you feel better soon and you all stay warm in those blizzards!!! This weather has been crazy!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brrr! Looks so cold. Our snows seem to have stopped and our temps are supposed to move up into the upper 40's all week. Yay!
But that only means our snow will be melting.....and making mucky, slippery mud! bah!

I'm sorry you've all been under the weather. That stinks! But sounds like you've still be productive. I'm sure the horses are thankful to have had nice pedicures.
I hope you all feel better soon.

And wish your daughter a very happy birthday! And you, did give birth that day. hehe!


JeniQ said...

wow... here's to hoping next week finds you with a brief area of rest. Sounds like you could really use it!

Victoria Cummings said...

Hang in there, Callie - This is why I hate February- the shortest month, but it always feels endlessly painful and miserable. Sometimes, I think that having horses who require that I take care of their feet and feed them and keep them clean and healthy is what helps me push on through the hard parts of life. I hope you guys get well soon. Happy B-day to Zoe!

Grey Horse Matters said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZOE! 21 is a landmark birthday.

Sorry you and Stephen were feeling under the weather. My daughter get migraines and they are no fun at all to say the least. Hopefully with the meds he'll be feeling better soon.

The pictures of the dogs are adorable. They always seem to have such fun in the snow don't they? Glad everyone's feet are doing well too. Hang in there it's almost spring.

The People History said...

Hi Grey Horse Matters

Sorry to hear your daughter suffers from migraines, from personal experience they are unbelievably painful, Having suffered from them most of my life one of the things I missed from the UK was an over the counter medication called Migraleve which worked well for me , Luckily because Callie is a nurse she worked out the active ingredients and our doctor was able to prescribe something which works well for me, I know Callie gets frustrated with me because I have the time down to the minute how long they will take to ease the pain to within acceptable thresholds ( 18 minutes ) and is by far the best thing


Midlife Mom said...

I'm another one of those migraine people, have suffered with them for years. Had hoped 'Mental'-pause would help and it has to some extent. Sorry you guys have been feeling so bad, hope the worst is over. Can't Steve have some of that med sent to him via UPS or something?

The two sweeties look cute in their blankets. Glad the trim went well!

The dogs made me smile, they just make snow seem like a wonderful new toy don't they?! Even my cats like it as long as the temps aren't too cold.

You two take care of yourselves and get well. Happy 21st to Zoe, oh to be young again!!!! :o)