Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Older Is a Pain in the Butt

From Teens to 50 everything is relatively easy ranging including

1. Writing your name in the snow ( Guy Thing )
2. Picking up 1 or even 2 50 LB bags of Horse Feed  or Wood Pellets and lugging them around and keen to move more
3. Reading small print for instructions etc.
4. Getting some new gadget gizmo and not only learning the basics but seeing what else it can do
5. Hearing everything the first time
6. Remembering the smallest details
7. Few bits of the body play up occasionally but in general does everything you ask of it
Everything is not only possible also a challenge to be enjoyed

50 to 60
The same things as before just takes a little more determination, concentration  and time

60 +
The crap sets in
1. Name in the snow is just a dot ( Guy Thing )
2. Picking up 50 LB bag seems like it weighs a ton and god help if you want to move 50 of the buggers
3. Small print takes longer to read and sometimes still cant read it even with the glasses
4. New technology ( Just want to make it do what you want dont worry about all the fancy crap you didnt want it for anyway
5. I refuse to accept I am going deaf even though I miss more than I catch
6. Forgetting stuff and needing to write lists more and more
7. More and more bits of your body let you know through aches and pains just how frail it can become

Getting older seems like a crock of S??? in so many ways but and here is the But that balances it out

Slowing down and taking more time to realize the beauty of life , relationships, love and the earth we are privileged to share with others , watching as those younger with the same ideas and dreams you had when young and making the same mistakes you did when you were younger, and being able to stand back and not only admire them but realizing without making those mistakes yourself you would not be the person you are today.

Thanking your lucky stars that a greater being has allowed you to spend another year on this earth to watch as those children you bought into this earth grow in mind, spirit, health and wisdom and bring another generation into this world to live, love and enjoy everything our world has to offer us

PS Callie is lucky as she is still in that first  lot and I thank god she still loves a crotchety old sod like me


Breathe said...

I really, really hate not being able to read the instructions on a soup can.

Seriously. I thought I was going to be able to embroider in my old age, but I'll never thread the @#$% needle.

Cheyenne said...

Ok! From one crotchety old sod to another, I agree! But hey? isnt it a breeze, knowing what you do know, and knowing the younger ones have yet to learn it!!Lol.

Watch the blood pressure!

Anonymous said...

Please check out all things horses and even a little something for you!!!

Val Heart said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I just had a good laugh thinking about this (and agreeing) to it too! :)

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Love this post -- so true, especially the reading of small print -- YIKES!! However, I think that staying active really makes a difference in how well you age. I may be partial, but being horse owners works in our favor, I feel. Because of things like lugging the 50# bags of feed, stall cleaning, and just the physical part of grooming and riding a horse keep mind and body active and in shape.
Also, I have posed a question in the most recent post on my blog and would love to hear how you feel about it. If you can, take a minute to check it out. Thanks!

Tanya Patterson said...

I'm sure those of us women horse owners/trainers/breeders/boarders could thing of some (Woman Thing)s too! But I won't make you read them ;)

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