Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Pisses Me Off!

         So, today I run to TSC, being out in the sticks, this costs gasoline, which costs money and make the purchase of what I believe to be a decent product, albeit not the most expensive one there but still $50, Not even a quarter of the horse clipped and blade dulls, fair enough, I washed her yesterday and brushed her today, she's still dirty as they are. I look on Amazon for replacement blades after calling TSC because there are no replacement blades there at the store. I have no luck on Amazon. Now I really need to finish clipping this horse for her. So I decide to go to the source and call Oster Pro, who directs me to their website which I'm already on......duh! The woman I'm speaking with cannot even find the product with the product number I give her. They themselves, meaning Oster do not carry the replacement blades which I'm looking at up to $50 a blade for others. She then has to give me an 800 number to a place in Madison which carries the blades, but no one knows how much they cost. By this time, I've told Oster that this is BULLSHIT! How can you sell a product to a distributor and you don't even know your own product, much less have a clue on anything it may need. I haven't even had the product in my hands for 8 bloody hours. Are you kidding?

         Well, guess what..........In the morning I will be taking this piece of shit back to TSC. They will accept it and they can deal with Oster and I will be purchasing a Wahl.........Unreal! I cannot believe it!


Jeni said...

Customer service.... blah.

I have Andies =)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You go, girl! I suspect that manufacturers get away with making crappy products because most people are just too busy to confront them. I know I tend to just toss it in the trash and chalk it up to another loss, knowing that I really should hold someone accountable.

Barbara said...

I switched to Andis years ago. But just FYI, most pet supply stores carry clipper blades and many of them are interchangeable between brands.

Callie said...

thanks, all.......and Barbara, that was the problem, no one carried this (T-blade) which allows the length covers to fit it. Not even it's own company, that's what I found ridiculous.....The only place that had it was a place in Madison. So today, I will be looking at other brands, Maybe I will look at Andis, that seems to be the most popular among my peers here.

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Horse Head Decals said...

Some companies have the worst customer service. Hope you got it all fixed and that horse is looking great again!