Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Think I Could Be A Pro-Groomer

Below the hair from her that I did not inhale or swallow.

 Well, I ran the new Andis until it got hot, which was after Kola was almost entirely shaved. Not bad. I'll let it cool and give it a good cleaning.
 Zoe says that Kola now looks like an abstract work of art, LOL, I have to agree. Of course, mind you, there was a lot of hair. I'm still choking on it as a result, and I really have never done this before. She has some to come on her rear end and rear legs. A few patchy areas around her neck.
 And of course, as if on cue, she had a little stress colic when they came in from the pasture and after this morning's successful bath, I found her laying in the dust, so a good dose of Banamine and some Probiotics and by the time I was done she was feeling better.
Needless to say, most of the bulk of her extra hair is gone and Kola will feel much better this summer for it. Not sure why she stress collicked. Yesterday we applied the Pasture Pro Plus, but kept them in. I let them out this morning. The PPP says it's ok to let them out after a couple of hour, but we gave it 24 hours and they're pretty good about leaving any weeds alone, so I'm hoping it has nothing to with that. My guess is that she was feeling hot as it's been pretty sunny and warm today. Misty seems fine, so I would think if it had anything to with the PPP, she too would have felt ill. They both have sucked down some water and we did give any feed, just a couple flakes of hay for tonight.


John said...

Still a fantastic looking horse!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

I have never tried to use an electric shaver on my horse -- I am afraid she would freak out completely! Hope the colic was just a minor incident.....