Wednesday, December 12, 2012

England October 2012

 I'll have to do these is a few series as for some reason I cannot get a slide show to go up. This is in South Hampton. We did a little shopping.

                                           Staughton petting farm with kids and grandkids.

                                                           Zoe and her neice Poppy.

                                             Grandpa Steve and Joseph, still at Staughton.

                                      Stopped in Bath on our way to Bristol. Bath Cathedral.

                                                     Bath Cathedral, very cool pipe organ.


                                                  Marble Arch, Oxford Street, London

          My goal for London's visit....Freddy Mercury's door. In my element. Than we onto Harrod's.

                                                               London, the clock!

         The Tower of London. We took a Thames cruise from the Eye down to Greenwich Village.

The Tower Bridge over the Thames.
                                                                 I look more smily here.........

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