Monday, December 10, 2012

The Who 11/29/12

 Recently as our 10th Anniversary gift to Stephen and I, I managed to snag 13th row tickets to see The Who perform Quadrophenia in full and about 6 of their top hits at the Rosemont in Chicago.

 Best concert of a lifetime. Certainly something we can check off our bucket list. Had such a great time and The Who was probably the best they've ever been. They clearly had a lot of planning going into this tour with tribute to John Entwistle and Keith Moon incorporating them into the live music and if it wasn't for knowing that those two original members are with the Rock n Roll gods, you couldn't tell. Phenomenal!

 And gawd, they both looked so good, especially Roger, Not bad for a 60 something dude!

 Total audience participation, everyone sang along with almost every song played. And The Who played off of that which made the experience even better! If you like The Who and you get the chance, I highly suggest it. It was worth every penny I spent on the tickets. And quite honestly $500 for the two us that close to them, considering they are legends, ain't bad at all!

Have an alert set for McCartney next. Hope we get the chance for that. And now Stephen is talking about Rod Stewart too!


cheyenne jones said...

There is no "Substitute!"

Callie said...

OMG, We loved it!

Wolfie said...

A co-worker went when they were in Canada and that is was terrific. Great pictures!!

Callie said...

Seeing The Who, by far was THE BEST CONCERT EVER!