Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh What A Busy Winter, so far!

On a good note, even with these new jackets, both girls managed to handle the Polar Vortex week quite well. Negative 50*F wind chills. I'm actually surprised at how well these worked. They are Saxon 1200D, turnout sheets. I read a whole bunch of reviews about them before I bought them, all were good, but I was expecting more of a normal winter and a bit worried about the subzero weather we had, Unbelievable how well they worked. Wow! There really is no fiber fill, but they are Teflon and excellent at wind break.

Another good note, we gained another new Grandson, Alex in October in England. Here is our Joseph and his new little brother, Alex! Too cute. We still have to gather funds to get there this year. Finances have been a bit tough as I'm sure with most, but we're working on it.

Another good note, Zoe married Brandon, her college sweetheart on November 1st. It was a small very nice Wedding, I did not stay in the dress for long. And below, here we all are, including Jess ! Unfortunately, the kids couldn't make it from England, Flights are getting ridiculous!

And ending on rather a sad note, Our Bear dog passed away just last week. He battle some sort of cancer over the last years. Came to us 5 yrs ago with it , only we didn't know until much later. He did make it to 13yrs old. Pretty amazing just that alone, much less battling cancer. The end did not bode well for Stephen and I. Needless to say,we will never go back to that Vet again. The details are too sorted to get into.

So here are the recent updates. It's been awhile again I know. Life gets busy sometimes. Anyhow, Hope all of my blogger friends are doing well !


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice to hear from you again.

Congratulations to Zoe and Brandon and many good wishes for the future!

The grandkids are adorable, hope you get to see them soon.

So sorry to hear about your dog but 13 is a good age for any dog. I'm sure he is missed. My daughter just lost her dog Bear before Christmas. So sad.

Those sound like some really good blankets. Glad the polar nonsense is out of here.

tiffany said...

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Bonnie Marlewski-Probert said...

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Tiia said...

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Tiia said...

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