Monday, May 4, 2015

It's seems I only post once a year lately. Just a bit busy. We've recently had a lot of change. Stephen and I are going strong and He and Zoe continue to grow their business. This past March, Stephen lost his Mother in the UK, so we've been back and forth a couple of times, once for the funeral and all and then an already planned vacation with only a week in between. To say we've suffered jet lag is an understatement. Stephen's brother, Gray and wife, Helen and ourselves have grown much closer together over it all and that part makes me very happy. We have a lot of fun together..

 As you can see there are a few more UK grandchildren to the mix, always fun and we really enjoyed them all.

  On a sad note, I lost Miss Kola to "Cushings" last October, although never formally diagnosed. She got to a point where I couldn't feed her enough and I tried and tried. She just continued to lose weight and I had to make that horrible decision before the cold weather set in. I believe in my heart of hearts that it was the right one as I don't believe she would have made it through the winter. Miss Misty is doing just fine without her although it took some time for her adjust. I think she enjoys being the spoiled one receiving all the attention.

There were a lot of  "goings on" this past year too boring and long to get into. These are the important parts.

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