Friday, March 9, 2007

Best Friends

This is Oakco and Spiders Angel Oak.

Angel was born a month and a half before Oakco and is natually the boss. They have been together almost all their lives. I separated them one time and Angel ended up hung over the top of the automatic waterer. Now they are "2 year olds" in cutting horse training with John Garland of Byron IL. I no longer own Oakco but he is in a stall right next to his Angel. They are turned out together to play and still would rather see where the other one is. Yesterday they were tied in the arena with coolers on when Oakco untied himself for the second time and walked over to Angel and pulled her cooler off. He then dragged it into the middle of the arena and stood on it. Untying themselves and pranking fall under the catagory of "It's an Oak thing. Angel's sire is a son of Doc's Oak and Oakco's dam is a daughter.


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