Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Dedication To Star

This is Star. She was with us only for a short time. I adopted her last July. She was being given away because she was defected. Her genitalia had developed weird and she had no spots as she was a papered POA and she wouldn't for obvious reasons fit into a breeding program. Which is ok, because she found a home with me. I had tentatively set up a date with my vet to bring her in as soon as I had gotten her to lead. Meantime, she had recently been weaned when I had brought her home. Bought exactly the diet she had been on from the previous owner and watched her very closely. She was doing great. What I didn't know was that more than likely the defect she was born with was also within her internal organs. She collicked so fast that Saturday, it could make your head spin. In the end, I couldn't get her to the surgeon fast enough. An hour in total from start to finish without a clue it was going to happen until it did. One of the hardest things I've ever had to endure. I held her in my arms and sank to the ground holding her while the vet gave the fatal injection. My mare and my little goats looked on as it happened. They were all very quiet. I think that may have broken my heart more. That it clearly upset the living. So This is dedicated to Star, my sweet little filly.

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