Monday, March 26, 2007


I came home from one of the most horrendous nights of work I've had in a long time. Extremely stressful. Saving children's lives and such. Mean screaming Doctors, not enough staff to carry the load, and a number of strong personalities including my own. I didn't even turn on my radio for the drive home. The first thing I did is go out and greet my girls and they just knew. Kola nuzzled her head in my chest, lips wriggling over the palm of my hand and Misty head to head with me, gentle nose presses on my face. I love my mares. Both of my mares. Where Misty I can always trust, a very even tempered girl, never mean and I can trust her to get me through anything. And Kola who always greets me in the morning for a smooch and a treat, who's learning to trust me and who I think will do just fine out on the trails this year. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of girlfriends.


Donna said...

There are a lot of people at my barn that don't like mares or say they don't, but I love mine and I think she knows when I need a little extra love. I'm glad you had your girls to come home to after a hard day at work.

Callie said...

I've learned that at least for me, I get along better with mares. The boys seem to push me around and I used to believe the same thing as the people at your barn.My friend Jess thinks the same way about mares being a better choice and talked me into mares and I now very much appreciate that. Now I'd always choose a mare.

Kathy C said...

Hi Callie,

Thanks for the post at my blog. I had viewed your blog before but then lost the link. Anyhoo - we are in Central Wisconsin by the Dells. Probably 2 hours from you.

Just came in from a long brushing session - hair and dried mud everywhere, but like you it calms my nerves.