Monday, March 26, 2007

An Opinion

I'm saying this and it will probably piss some people off and being a Pisces person, I don't like to upset people but I also feel passionate about certain things and if I could take all creatures in and give them a home I would, but I don't have the facilities yet and I can't so at the risk of being hated can I just state this opinion. With all the new legislature and attempts to slaughter the slaughter houses. Does anyone agree with me that Breeders need to take a certain amount of responsibility for this mess? I mean I'm for breeding and breeding programs and such. What I'm talking about is the willy-nilly breeder.The person who breeds without a purpose to make a quick buck, not considering what the animal will be used for or how it may be kept. Not that I'm for the slaughter of horses but I'm much less for the prospect of more and more unwanted horses abandoned in fields and dry lots and starving to death and mistreated. I think it needs to be a more collaborative effort. Not that I have a solution to offer. I don't know. That's just my opinion.

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Kathy C said...

Hmmmm...interesting topic and one that hits close to home with me. I have a beautiful Appy mare that I would love to breed. Part of the reason I have put it on the back burner is the amount of unwanted horses. I believe that backyard breeders should think long and hard about breeding.