Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Childhood Horse Memory

My previous post got me to thinkin'....again. And I remember a store in McHenry, Illinois that I often went to with my Mom. Now the weird thing is that it was a women's underwear store, back when you used to get fitted for everything, kind of like an old fashioned version of Victoria Secret only much more discrete. Anyway, in this store were two life size resin horses with real horse hair manes and tails and all tacked up. They stood in the window of this store. While my Mom was getting fitted and shopping, I was sat up on one of those two horses the entire time. I loved it and I remember the sad day that the old things were too decrepit to let me sit on anymore. I was devastated. I wish they still existed. I would find a way to purchase one and have it restored because I think it would be cool to have it in the house.


Rising Rainbow said...

I dunno, but seems to me if you're inclined to want a life size plastic horse with real mane and tail for a decoration in your house, that might just be a bargaining chip when it comes to horse number 3. lol

The People History said...

ggggrrrrr dont give her ideas I am much to soft already

She can't have any more bargaining chips she has to many already