Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kola Cracks Me Up

"What ? We're eating. You had your dinner." And, "Hey, Is that all we're gettin'?. Where ya goin'?" This afternoon, I attempted a little lunge work with the girls. Misty, who I've never lunged before did quite well considering I've manged to lose my lunge whip and made this attempt with a riding crop. It worked with her. Kola just stood and looked at me like, "You think that little thing will get me going? Ha!" So instead we did a little lead work in the pen. Had to do something and first thing in the morning I'll be heading to TSC for a new whip and we will try this again. At least she isn't crazy wild and a bit on the lazy side which suits me just fine as I like to trail ride at a nice comfy pace. Will get everyone saddled and ridden in the training pen by Sunday. That's my goal. I know Misty will be fine. This will be the first ride at home with Kola, so I'm looking forward to it.

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