Monday, October 22, 2007

New Link to The Right

I've just placed a new link up on my blog here at the top of the links side entitled, "Galapagos Islands Photo Adventures" This is one of my co-worker's web sight. All of the photography is his own and it's rather impressive. One photo of the tortoise actually was featured in National Geographic. Terry has traveled the world and continues to do so going to many exotic places most of us may never venture to. So if you have time I strongly urge you to take a gander at his site and the wildlife photos he has on it. They're fascinating!

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photogchic said...

I love the "Godzilla" Iguana--very cool pics--thanks for linking to them. I was chased by a 3 foot long Iguana in the Cayman Islands---not sure if I have forgiven the species yet:-)