Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mini Cooper

This little guy was originally bought for my mom. I figured she could spoil him instead of my foals and she wouldn't get hurt. He turned out to be a good babysitter for the weanlings. That was until he taught them how to get under the electric fence. Since he was teaching them bad habits I sold him to someone I knew for his weanling. He had a much better fencing system. Then we missed him too much and went and bought him back. I moved him to my new farm and he either baby sat the weanling's or stayed with the Jake when he still was a stud. He soon found a way to get under the fencing and ended up in the farmers soybeans. My friend Paula came down for a visit and fell in love with him. He has 2 little kids that love him and 2 pasture pals. One is a draft horse cross. Cooper stands behind him and lets his tail keep the flies off him. He loves his treats and comes in expecting them. I have to get some pictures of him next to the draft horse. The funniest thing he did was when I came up with the bright idea of using him in place of a cow to cut. The little booger reared up and came right at my horse. I almost fell off my horse because I was laughing so hard. At least I get to visit him from time to time.


Callie said...

Coop spent about a week at place waiting for paper work and transition to his new home and Spot the border collie decided that he was just the right size to start herding. He herded little Coop to the corner of the training pen in which he was staying at the time about twice and then Cooper had enough and suddenly charged back at Spot and chased him straight out of the pen. It was a sight to see.

The People History said...

If ever I might have given in for one more critter it could have been mini-coop, he was a pretty fat round little horse and when jess told us if he got on his back the only way for him to get upright was with help never saw it but should it would have ammused me , reminds me also of clorox our little shetland pony who had more personallity than all the other horses put together , what is it with these little horses do they have additional personallity to make up for being small

The People History said...

PS I always seeing Clorox go but he had to go because like Mini-Coop no fence seemed to be able to keep him, he seemed to be immune to electric shocks and everymorning became a mystery had he broken out yet again?