Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 Things About Me

1) Both of my parents were killed by drunk drivers in cars while riding their Harley Davidson's 9 years apart from each other.
2) I met my husband(the man of my dreams) in the year 2000 on-line in an old Microsoft chat room and we've been together ever since.(I stole him from England)
3) I've vacationed in England, Scotland, New Orleans, Florida, Oregon, Washington state, California, most places in the states except New York.
4) I've had afternoon tea twice at The Ritz in London and in the same week I shouted to three thugs in London's Soho that were casing my purse that I was a F----ing American and I would kick their ass if they even thought about it and scared them away.
5) Ive always been horse crazy, but it wasn't until I divorced my daughter's father that I was able to get my first horse and it's been a learning experience ever since.
6) I've been a pediatric RN for 18 years and have worked in a Peds ICU for nearly 9 of those years.
7) I hit the road at aged 18 with a garbage bag of my clothes and 100 bucks in my pocket and moved to Phoenix AZ with 3 friends I barely knew in an old hippy van and literally got shot out of Denver by one of those friend's crazy Italian brother. I pulled Joey into the van while his brother was shooting a gun at us. Joey was drunk and standing out in the rain in his tighty whiteys and cowboy boots.
8) I drink about 8 Diet Cokes a day. Preserves my insides I'm sure.

I know I wasn't tagged :( , but I don't care, thought I'd put this up anyway, because it looked fun!


The People History said...

and you told me you left high school and went to university like a good little girl oohhhh I don't know



I hope that brit is looking after you

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

You have always been the adventerous one. I thought your were nuts meeting someone on the internet. I have to admit that he has truly been the best thing that ever happened to you and Zoe. One could only hope to find a partner that truly will stand by your side and grow old with you. You and Steve are true partners.

Callie said...

Now, Jess we need to put 8 things about Jess we didn't know.

Callie said...

And Mr. People History, what 8 things don't I know about you? he he he he

Rising Rainbow said...

I can just picture the dude in hist tighty whities and cowboy boots. Geez.

I did get tagged and I still haven't done this yet. Guess it's about time. lol

Donna said...

We all think our lives are normal because they are the only lives we know, but I am always amazed at the things we can endure, survive and get away with.

photogchic said...

Right on Callie--thanks for sharing:-)

Callie said...

Thanks all for your comments. It is amazing what one can endure and oh the stupidity of youth. he he he