Thursday, November 1, 2007

Damn That Smarts!

Horse teeth hurt when they come in contact with human fingers. Yesterday, Jeremiah came in the morning to trim and I needed to rally the girls into the training pen. And they had their breakfast long ago, so I thought well one flake of hay will just bring them in to the training pen easier, so I wouldn't have to go out into the pasture and halter them. Just me takin' a short cut, not that either of them are difficult. SO as I brought the flake in, Kola, thought that Christmas had come early and attempted to grab the hay inspite of me trying to back her off, which usually she listens very well, but I was determined on putting this flake way to the back of the pen where the ground had a little grass and less dust, and I'm sure this confused her, so she managed to snatch a bit of hay which also included my knuckle! I was also carrying two halters and a lead rope, of which I used to smack her with. She then ran out of the pen toward Misty who hadn't figured it out yet, but, of course, extra hay inspite of a smack will always invite my girls!. She gave me a little crap haltering her after it all, pissy at me for smackin' her, I'm sure. However, in the end, she was so well behaved for trimming, the best she has ever been, head down, on my chest, eyes sleepy and didn't move an inch. "I'm sorry, mama" I certainly could forgive my sweetie. Misty, just as good, only she insists on draping her head over my shoulder until we are eye to eye and resting her front weight on me. They have got to the most spoiled mares in the world!


Donna said...

Horse teeth hurt when in come in contact with any body part, like, let's say -- a thigh. The bruise is about the size of an egg and looks like a butterfly. Hope your finger feels better soon.

Callie said...

Yeah, she was definately naughty because she knows that is a "no,no", but I blame myself because I was being lazy and the difference confused her and she was quite humble once haltered and corrected. They're generally good girls. I've been bit on the butt before. My gelding used to nip my bottom anytime I was out there say fixing fences or bending over to pull weeds. A number of bruises!

Jay Cam said...

"Horse teeth hurt when they come in contact with human fingers"

i never knew that!
Jays's World

Trail Ridin' Mama said...

That reminds me of this last Fair. My 12 year old was trying to give her horse a blueberry as a treat and he ended up drawing blood. And yep I've been bit in the butt too!