Monday, November 5, 2007

Horse Country

Well, Steve and I just got in yesterday from a trip to Georgetown, KY, which is just fifteen minutes north of Lexington. When you fly into Lexington, it is amazing, not a square foot of land below that doesn't have a horse on it. Pretty wild. We had some time to take a drive and went to the Kentucky National Horse Park, however, there was a Republican convention being held there and we were shuffled out, but I did manage to get some pics. We were actually there with our daughter, Zoe, to look at Georgetown College before she transfers there in January. The pic with the white fence is part of the Kentucky Horse Park. It stretches for miles and miles.

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Rising Rainbow said...

you lucky dog, you!!

I've always wanted to see the Kentucky Horse Park. Our National show used to be there but is now being moved to Tulsa. Last year was the last Arabian Nationals there and I had the twins so didn't make it.