Thursday, November 8, 2007


Why are horses a part of my life? I think that most of us who really must have horses in our lives are actually born to do so. It's something that grabs you as a child and never goes away. Almost an obsessive need. My horses are those that entertain me, listen to me after a hard nights work, ask nothing of me but to make sure they are fed and cared for, even though I ask of them. They are spiritual. A very calming influence on me. A kind eye. A warm nuzzle. There is nothing like the feeling of trust between human and horse. They trust me to care for and protect them and I the same. A majestic creature that symbolizes freedom and spirit. Best friends. Beautiful to look at. My mares, one a silent and solid introvert and one a talkative and colorful extrovert. A perfect balance. I am thankful for all equines. Even those that are not mine. Thankful for the time they give me. Thankful for what they have taught me. Thankful for their beauty. Thankful for the inner peace they give me.


Rising Rainbow said...

I couldn't have said it better.

Callie said...

I just spent the nicest 45 minutes with those girls just grooming and giving massage. Of course Misty thought that Kola didn't deserve her turn and she alone should receive all of the attention.

Mona said...

Great post. I also am thankful for horses that are not mine. I think about how much they have helped the human even through abuse and am in amazement that they are still willing to help us. Thanks for submitting your story to the Horse Lovers Blog carnival.