Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting Better

Little Ronnie is coming along. The ankle is almost half the size that it was before. It still has not abscessed out. These type of injuries take a long time to resolve themselves. She is one tough little girl. She is the youngest weanling out in the pasture, she holds her own. Cash continues to be her best friend. He is the lover of the group, he has Emma and Ronnie. He hangs with them while the other 2 colts bicker over who the boss is. Roxanne hangs with the one colt Spike and Bosco has his Momma out there. She reminds him that she has weaned him.
My friend Sue had her show stallion abscess from a vaccination in the neck. The vet had them do different things and as a final resort was going to lance it. They were worried about infection and scarring. Before the vet could get out to do that the abscess went from the neck right down into the hoof. It was so bad it took off a big part of the hoof. The farrier kept him comfortable so he was not totally lame, he was not show sound. He was off about 6 months until enough hoof came back for corrective shoeing. He ended up winning about 20,ooo in 2 months at different cutting shows throughout Mid-America.


Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, sounds like that cutting horse has a lot of heart. That's quite a recovery in a short amount of time.

I hope things break loose on this filly soon.

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

She is only swollen just above the coronet band now. It may have drained a little, it is mostly getting absorbed and processed out thru her internal system. We introduced 3 more yearlings out in the "baby" pen for a total of nine. She still holds her own and makes it clear that she is not low filly on the food chain. She will be my speed horse, she has a lot of running blood in her. I already know she has heart.