Friday, December 28, 2007

More Snow

It is a beautiful winter wonder land out here today. This was the start of about 6 to 8 inches of snow which started this morning. When we got home this evening after taking the kids to the OHare in Chicago, I shoveled about 8 inches of snow off the stairs. I took this just before we left at about 1:00pm. The girls always put their backs to the wind. When it first started this morning, I got out there to feed everyone and clean troughs and freshen water, the girls were spooked several times and nearly ran me over twice while I was bringing in their hay as it was dead quiet at about 07:30 am and in the distance we could hear a pack of coyotes. The boys {the goats} were nestled in their shelter and I tossed their hay indoors for them. They weren't too happy about the coyotes either. I need to get my gun back from Jeremiah. It's an old small shot gun with a 22 attached to it as well. I think it used to be my Grandfather's. I gave to Jeremiah to clean it for me and give a try, see if it still works as he's a hunter. I just want to defend my livestock. Last year, we a pack of coyotes surrounding the property, freaking the horses and goats and Steve went out at about 03:00 am that morning because Fido was barking and going nuts. Of course, knowing how he handled the "dead" opossum, he went out in jammies, slippers and a flashlight with dogs and Fido went head to head with the pack leader, whilst the others were circling. He did manage to scare them off, but after that, I say give me the gun. Coyotes creep me out, they're bold here and larger than normal and when they yap and howl, they sound like they're rising from the depths of hell!


Mrs Mom said...

I can remember going on in the middle of the night to check on my horses, and coming face to face with a huge "coydog". (Thats what they were known as in the mtns where I lived at the time.) I had always been told where there was one, there were more.... There I stood, middle of the night, tush deep in snow, no flashlight, no gun, nothing but the ability to about pee myself.... I guess he wasn't all that hungry as he looked at me and moved off after a moment. Thank God! We did lose a calf early that spring, and can only think it was to them.

I will never for get the chilling sound of them on the hunt. Or of meeting one face to face...

I'd say definately take the gun from now on! ;)

Great blog- even with the snow reminders.. hehehe.... (I moved WAY south and even with the heat I still love it!)

Happy New Year!

Callie said...

Thanks Mrs M, I like the seasons, but I've been tempted to roam south way.