Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Little Lilyput......Little?

This is what I call hisses and kisses or 5lbs of potatoes in a 2lb sack. Ahhh........My little beastie, Lilyput. So loving and pleasant. This cat just cracks me up. As I've noted before, blind, extra toes and calico mean and unsocial. But, I lover her anyway. She has corrupted my Christmas bows and has managed to scatter them over the house. She loves to thieve things, especially plastic and paper. She then attempts to hide them in the kitchen. She has been known to attempt a "bra" theft and certainly a rogue sock or two.


The People History said...

I think she is such a moo

But I still love her like the rest of the critters in this mad household, even when my darling wife ( pain in the but ) is telling me " lilly is stuck on the beam we must rescue her before she falls "

So rescue it is cushions all over the floor in case she falls and me and callie deciding who will risk their life to save this kitty who shows her love by scratching or biting both of us .

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, yes, I would love a cat like that! I think it's an illness but I'm glad to have it. lol

photogchic said...

Love those calicos! She looks like a little trouble maker:-)

BarnGoddess said...

what a gorgeous kitty!
she is stunning.

blind? oh the poor girl. Glad she has you :)

I love my marvin, hes mean to everyone except me.I am the ONLY person he makes me feel special.

But it could be because I am in charge of all the food around here and his 23 pound self likes to eat...a lot.

The People History said...

marvin sounds like our delectable Pie Wacket ( don't suppose I have spelt it right )

She lays on her back like a giant beached whale with her little titties the only thing to be seen.

Mind you she is 15 and pretty hefty when she sits on your lap , the strange thing is she has a little head on this big body ,
I should get callie to post a picture of her she is quite a gall


Transylvanian horseman said...

That photo with her mouth open and teeth showing makes her look quite a fierce character. I think that I would treat her with respect.

Callie said...

Her teeth bore is a daily event here.

The People History said...

I should add one more little tidbit about our lillyput.

When Callie goes to pick her up and love her and hug her she runs for the litter pan as fast as her little legs will carry her as she knows Callie will not disturb her when she is doing her thing.

It gives me a smile watching the two of them when Callie is planning to love her if she wants it or not as she scampers along and callie attempts to cut her off at the pass