Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dog Cowboy Boots

Found these on Ebay today. Jess, thought Max might appreciate these fancy things. He would look so Macho.

Item number: 350011757878

I found these while researching for my new site/blog. the right if


Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! OMG! CAllie, I LOVE the new blog! Way to go! Bet you and Steve are having entirely too much fun finding items for this one....

Keep up the good hunting there- I will be back for more amusement when the kids allow!

Pony Tail Club said...

These are pretty cute. We were just in a store and saw a little dog wearing some a lot like this. It was odd though, to hear the dog clicking around. The shoes made the same sound as high heels!

The People History said...

We both had loads of REAL work to do but with Callie upstairs and me downstairs it was just one long series of "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE DARLING"

I let Callie do the writing because she is so much funnier than I am but if laughter is good for keeping you young Callie and I got 10 years younger this morning.

She told a friend about it on the phone and I could here him laughing while standing a few feet away

Glad it tickled your fancy MRS MOM

Rising Rainbow said...

Ya gotta love ebay! But I still can't believe that a seventeen year old kid started that site. Simply amazing.

I have an ebay store but my stuff is pretty tame. Horse cards and such.

How long does it take you to track down this stuff? And, where do you even start to look. There are soooooo many categories, it's totally overwhelming.

Oh, forgot to ask, did you buy the boots for the dog??

Transylvanian horseman said...

If they make fluffy small animal boots like that, my house cat can wear them and dust around the home as he moves about. He's not proud about how he looks.

Callie said...

Well, All, I have to say my insane husband could not sleep last night so this morning I awoke to 19 emails from him with bizarre stuff he found for sale. I search weird stuff and we come up with ideas between us and just hunt the internet and craigslist is a plethera of bizarredness, once you get past the creepyness.

Callie said...

Oh and No, I did not buy the boots for our dogs, but I did consider for only a moment. LOL