Monday, January 7, 2008

Weird Weather!

Three days ago we had about 10 inches of snow still on the ground. Today, the temperature started at about 49 degrees and within an hour was up to 63. Most all of the snow has melted revealing the poop I must now clean. I cleared the loafing shed on Saturday. There was still ice on the ground. Except today. We were under a tornado warning and several touched down. We were lucky as we did have a severe thunderstorms with wicked straight line winds and pouring buckets of rain, just a few miles east of us got the worst of it with several tornado touch downs and lots of damage. Strange for January as our average high this time of year is the low 20's and often frigid cold. Crazy.


Rising Rainbow said...

Oh no, that sounds pretty scary. Those extremes like that are not good. We aren't having our normal winter here either, but thankfully nothing like tornados. Take care!!

Kathy C said...

I'm so glad the twisters missed you.

Callie said...

Thanks,Mikael,It's been eally weird, now temps are dropping again. Watched the girls rolling in the mud today.

Thanks KC, me too........It was close. We were ready, though.

BarnGoddess said...

weve had the spring-like weather in OKLA too. I can do without all those twisters and winds. Glad you were spared!

Gah! our loafing shed seems to be the 'IT' place to crap around here. With 30 acres one would think they could go off somewhere else,grrrr.

Strawberry Lane said...

Tornados? I grew up in Nebraska and just the the word is frightening. Glad they missed you!

After reading your post, I'm not going to complain about our 5 days of rains and the clay-mud up to our knees.

Fortunately, we've not had the extreme weather changes like you have had. That is difficult to deal with.

Spring isn't far away ... right?

Callie said...

BG, I know Oklahoma has it's fair share of weirdness this year as well, ice storms and more tornados than we get.

SL, Spring? We'll have 3 months of cold and then it'll get hot. We no longer have the springs we used to here. I'm sure a tribut to global warming.

Rising Rainbow said...

I should have knockec on wood over my comment about no tornados here. One touched down to the south of me on Friday. The weather is just plain crazy everywhere, I think.