Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking Forward To Spring

I'm missing the green so bad right now and really looking forward to Spring. I love the smell of Spring. New buds on the trees, sprouting little leaves and our Daffodils popping up. I've got a long list of to-do's this year............
I must cut a bunch of branches of the boxelder trees that line our property.
Weed the flower gardens and trim back the rose bushes.
Remove our old swimming pool that a Spring storm took out last year.
Obviously, do some more mucking and re-seed the pasture.
I'm sure there will be fence repair and I'll have one trough to replace.
Clean out the garage as it has turned into a "pit" once again.
And the usual as mowing the lawn is one of my favorite things to do.
And spread more mulch about.
I can't wait and as I am now on a regular schedule, I plan to devote one day a week to riding, even if it's in the training pen. I'm devoting one day a week to ground work with the girls as well to get them into shape and me. I look forward to opening up the windows and letting the fresh air blow throughout the house. We have plum trees lined up both sides of our driveway and it smells so good when they start to bloom. All the birds will be back, our barn swallows and hummingbirds. Spring won't come soon enough for me!

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