Monday, February 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged-Horse MeMe

Ok, I've been tagged again, but only this time it's a horse meme. Mikael has tagged me this time and I think it's a good idea!

1) Dakota, was my first horse and a bit much for me, but he had some funny quirks. Whenever, I was out cleaning troughs or fixing fences, he would steal my hairties from my head and pitch them aside. Or poke me in the butt with his nose.

2) It took Misty a long time to warm up to me, years, and now she thinks that I am exclusive to her. She is much smaller than Kola, but most dominant.

3) Kola is an extravert, and gets silly when I come out to feed. She always talks alot and will buck and sometimes rear if I'm not fast enough.

4) My husband thinks that Misty looks she says, "duh". I, of course, know better. She's just intraverted.

5) Kola is loyal.......Is always the first to show up at the fence and check my pockets for any treats I may have brought, but when the halter goes on, understands that it's all business.

6) Misty is smarter than she looks as she once protected me on the trail from drunken men lurking in the near-by field watching us ride. And she is very patient. Like a Saint!

7) They both bury their heads in my chest at times and Misty has layed the full weight of her head in my arms and closed her eyes and if I reach down to touch one of Kola's back legs to pick or just check, she'll pull her foot up and leave it hanging in the air until I say all done without me holding it.

8) Every now and then, Misty will get a wild hare up her butt and just take off running in the pasture. She looks like a little wild Mustang with her head stretched forward at full run while Kola, gaited, just trots around with her tail straight up and her head held high! It's funny to watch them do that...........

Now, I'll have to think about who'll I'll tag for the horse meme..........The first will be Barn Goddess who might devulge some quirks that Scooter may have. Then maybe Sarah out in Montana. And how about Kathy here in Wisonsin at Horses and Art. And my friend over at Mud Ranch who may also offer some perspectives on Mustangs.


BarnGoddess said...

lol, okay Ill have to do this in a few days but I WILL do it!

gasp, your hubs picking on Misty? she is a beauty.....I agree, she is an intravert and a beautiful one at that :)

Callie said...

LOL, BG, Thanks for playin'. I'll bet Scooter has some interesting bits about his personality!

Rising Rainbow said...

Horses are so smart. I can't believe your husband is picking on poor Misty.

Thanks for playing, I think learning more about the horses of others will be fun.And I'm with you, I think that BG will have great Scooter stories.

Anonymous said...

Good list Callie. It's going to take me a bit to think of some, so bear with me.

Callie said...

I know Mikael, he calls her the great bearded lady.......


The People History said...

Callie left off one of the strangest ones

Callie Strange Quirk
We are driving down the road and she smells a field with fresh hay just cut , makes me stop the car and leans her head out of the window and takes deep breaths !!!! and looks like she has just had an O! !!!!


Callie said...


BarnGoddess said...

I did the Meme today!!!!

OneCowgirl said...

I'm tagging you for a bucket list!