Monday, March 3, 2008

Just For Fun Google Maps and Horse Blogs

Hi Guys and Gals thought you might like to play with this still loads of blogs to add so if your not added will be soon , It is pretty cool if you would like to change Photos or anything else let me know. I generaly go to larger map which takes you to google maps to play .

View Larger Map

I do plan to add some other horse related stuff later but one thing at a time
You can get your own little version like the one in Callies Side Bar with your location.

I will try to add a number of other blogs over the next week or so . All I have used is information you have made available in your public profile if you want it changed or want to be left off let me know .

I love the little pics click on the pick to go to the bloggers blog



BarnGoddess said...

OMG!!! that is totally cool!!!!!!!!

this map rocks, I wish I was techy.

Great pics to go w/ the blog too.

Mrs Mom said...

Good grief Steve! LOL

Talk about a Creative Side!!! I never in a million years would have thought of something like this-- too awesome!

Keep it coming- your stuff is a blast!

Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks, Steve, this looks great.

And while I'm thinking of it, when you ride it sounds like you need to sit farther back on your pockets. Men and women's center of gravity is different and it even affects in the saddle. Men are to sit back on their pockets and women tip their pelvis slightly forward. I learned that at a clinic when I was at the AHA convention several years ago and it really made a difference in my riding.

Callie said...

Oh Mikael, I try with him.......I try....It just doesn't "compute". Poor bruised Steve......hehehehe

dickiebo said...

Go on! Gang up against the poor chap. He's doing his best! lol.