Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ten Reasons I Am Looking Forward To Spring

Steve Hijacked Callies Blog ( Men Rule Women Drool ) She is sleeping and I am in charge of all I survey

1. Seeing Daffodils

2. Getting rid of the great big heavy coats hanging on the door allowing me to hang more than one coat up

3. Sitting out on the deck at 5 in the morning in my PJ's watching the sun rise

4. Taking the garbage out to the end of the drive towing behind the quad without getting stuck in the bloody snow

5. Taking the dogs for a walk and not worried about stopping cos I'm knackered out and getting frost bite for stopping

6. Planting out the flowers on the deck designed to bring my beloved humming birds ( had never seen one in the wild until I came to live here )

7. Seeing my precious birds come back from their migration to sunnier climbs

8. Watching flocks and flocks of geese fly over head ( hehehe they have started already so I know it's coming )

9. Getting out on the water with my rod in my hand catching fish

10. Sitting out on the deck watching the sun go down

Now I don't understand all these meme things to clever for me but why don't you write a post about 10 things you are looking forward to spring ( I know some of you are there already all I can Say is gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr



Anonymous said...

Spring is in the air here but hasn't quite landed on the ground although the melting is well underway.

Here's my 10.

Rising Rainbow said...

You're pretty brave, Steve, saying that women drool on the your wife's hijacked blog when you know most of her readers and WOMEN!! What were you thinking?????? lol

But at least you are on the right track looking for spring to show it's face. I'm afraid I'd have a mutiny on my blog if I interupted my halter series again but maybe when I get done with it I can do a post on the ten things I look forward to in spring. Just know, they will all have to do with horses!

Tracey said...

Well, if men rule, then you ought to know the rules, Steve! But I'll play along. I, too, am beyond ready for spring!

Callie said...

LMAO!.....You ahould see how he surveys here...hehehe...Even crabby old dog barks/bosses him around....LOL

Mrs Mom said...

Hey now I take exception to that comment there Steve-O! Grrr-ing at me because I SHARED Spring with you all on Oh HorseFeathers!

So I send you a great big giant horse and child slobbery zerbert---

But I can post on mine about how I looked forward to Spring when I lived in Tundra Country, if that will make you feel any better... ;)

Love yas- mean it--- have your machine call my machine! ;)