Monday, April 7, 2008

Sweet Goodnight Kisses

I just went out to bring the dogs out for a last of the evening potty and brought the girls a carrot each. While the dogs were doing their night night business, I fed the carrots. Poor girls, I'll spend some time brushing them tomorrow as it has finally warmed up enough to start shedding that winter coat and I need to spend some touch time with them. After they ate their carrots, I asked for kisses and bless their non-judgemental hearts, I received duelling licks over my hands and the sweetest nose kisses you can imagine before I said goodnight to them. In spit of the fact that they are bored and tired of the paddock and desperate for new grass and dieting, they still show their love. I must spend the morning brushing, I know they'll appreciate it. There will be the usual nudges between them when one thinks their not getting the attention they deserve and the other has gotten too much, but it will be fun and relaxing for all of us.


Anonymous said...

ah...what sweet ponies. Glad they were giving you some love tonight.

Kris said...

I am sure they really enjoyed there treats! I have been brushing ours for about a week now. And I have 2 that will get on either side of me, so then I have to brush both at the same time or they start picking on each other! LOL! Glad you stopped by, I will be checking back in.

Rising Rainbow said...

Diets are easily forgotten when carrots are in hand. I know that always works well around here. Although this year I have no one on a diet to loose weight, several are on special diets to gain but no losers for a change. You just never know with horses which direction you might be travelling.