Monday, April 7, 2008

Things Are Finally Drying Up!

It actually was in the 60's over the weekend, of course I had to work and today it's a bit cooler and supposed to be drizzly all week, but I am so glad that it's finally drying up around here as I have to keep the girls locked up because we will spread new seed in the pasture this week. Note the heavy chain on the gate. Kola's bottom is precisely why I have that chain there. She often leans her backside up against the panels. There may another post on the trials and tribulations of putting together the seed spreader we bought this Spring. There just might be another boxing match.


Grey Horse Matters said...

One of our horses (Donnie) is a magician at popping our boards with his chest. Yesterday I caught Nate trying to undo the chain around a gate with his teeth. They should all be named Houdini.

Callie said...

LOL, Arlene, Do you see the size of that butt? That's why they are dieting. Where my electric is light on the fence as it winds back towards it's source, I actually have put up training panels as extra fencing to reassure no escapes!

Rising Rainbow said...

Things are finally drying up here as well. I think I need to spread seed as well soon but first I must harvest rocks! lol