Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry all, have been on vacation to DC for the week and now have to go to work tonight and tomorrow night, so probably won't get to reading and commenting and blogging until Sunday night. My week gone has been successful as I came home to girls at a much better weight! Two weeks of solid dieting has been good for them...LOL...Hope all the walking in DC has been good for me!


Mrs Mom said...

Welcome Home Callie and Steve! We missed youuuu!!!

Cant wait to hear the details!

Hugs to yas!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to have you back, hope you enjoyed yourselves. Will be looking forward to your posts again.

Rising Rainbow said...

Welcome home guys! How was your trip????

Callie said...

thanks, gals, will get to posting about it soon!