Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Week

Well, unfortunately I was unable to ride this week. Between the mud lot after the storms and finally getting the house cleaned and running out to get gas for the lawnmower and actually getting this lawn mowed and weed whacked, it's been downright busy. All things that really needed to be done. I'm so pleased with the lawn. We're back to having a little curbside appeal again. Oh, it was looking awful and driving me nuts. But it's all done now, that is until next week. We're on a flash flood watch and it's due to storm again tonight. The same storm that just hit Iowa and killed those Boyscouts. So sad. The dams are currently nearing their breaking point. I'm pretty sure we are good where we are located, but a lot of the roads I travel to get to work including freeways are a bit of a concern. They actually had some areas of freeways closed this week because of high water. When I finished my yard work, the girls came in on their own and I closed them in from the pasture. I noticed a decent cut on the inside of Kola's right rear hock. She allowed me to clean it up and put Aloe cream on it without so much as an irritated ear movement. I was pleased and Steve was shocked that she behaved and seemed to trust in what I was doing. It really wasn't that big of a cut, but none the less needed a little attention. I spent some well needed time with those girls, did some grooming and sprayed them for flies. Cleaned and changed all the water and cleaned out my hay shed ready for my delivery hopefully by Friday. They are such sweet girls. I love spending time with them. Every now and then we get a bird or bat in the house. Steve and I saved this young Starling. Often they get themselves caught in the fireplace chimney flu and we have a fishing net in the house ready to catch said bird or bat and release it back into the wild.We have to work quickly though, because there are six cats and two dogs that occupy this place as well and nothing would please them more than a fresh bird to eat. Tonight I'm taking Steve and Zoe to a "going away" party for one of the Docs I have worked with for the past three years, Dr.Katie Young. She has finished her fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care and is moving back to New Mexico. I will miss her. She's a great Doc! I've made a shrimp pasta salad to bring along. It's being held at Cindy's house in New Berlin, another PICU nurse I work with. Should be fun, but we're only staying a couple of hours as that storm is due in. The shrimp pasta salad I highly recommend for parties. Easy to make and goes far. Maybe I'll take a pic of it and post it up here if anybody is interested.


Anonymous said...

I hope the storm coming in isn't too bad! You seem so calm about it. I live in an area on a tiny little hill so when it floods I cannot leave the house (assuming I am home) and it drives me crazy not to be able to leave and go see my horse. I cannot imgaine being at a party and trying to have fun knowing that it might be trouble to get home. I hope you have lots of fun anyways and what a good girl for letting you put stuff on her cut!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I would definitely be interested in the shrimp salad recipe. That's one lucky bird with all those cats in the house. Glad he got out alive. Sounds like the yard is shaping up nicely, how about a few gnomes for the lawn though? Have fun at the party and watch those storms.

Angela said...


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Momma / Cowgirl said...

I am spending my day off doing catch up on reading my favorite blogs.
I hope the weather permits you to enjoy the party. There is one good thing about being where you have the rains, it is beautiful and green. We just don't get enough water here.

Oh, share the shrimp salad recipe please, sounds like I would like to try that one.

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, that shrimp salad sounds really good so I hope you post the recipe. So sad about the Boy Scout tragedy. My heart breaks for the parents of these young boys. I can't imagine getting that call!!

kdwhorses said...

Hope all is well with the storm.
Good job on the yard. I just got mine done as well.
Hope you get some saddle time real soon!
It is such a tragedy about the scouts. Praying for them and there families.

Callie said...

onthebit, I worry about home as well, if it's too bad, we won't go. She is a good girl.

LOL, Arlene, the lawn gnomes are currently rsiding on the deck under the chairs that the potted plants are on. We've given one away. Any takers?

momma/cowgirl, green and soggy! I'm hopin' it doesn't get too bad here either.

midlife mom, I know, I thought that was a horrible tragidy.

kdw, thanks! I feel so bad for those families. I'm hopin' it dries out next week so I can.