Saturday, July 5, 2008

$10.00 Worth Of Gas OUCH!!

The only words I can use to describe these two graphics is OUCH!!!

The graph was from the governments energy information site ( Why wouldn't they have it updated with 2008 price ) so I had to put it on myself, hope it does not go up to much more or even my graph would look pretty dumb if gas goes to $5.50 before the end of the year.

I did some checking back in history from my own site for figures after the last oil crisis in 1978 and I was shocked not because of the price but the percentage as well as the amount of increase which is much higher during this energy crisis

In 2003 Gas was $1.50 Today(2008) It Is $4.20
In 1973 gas was 40 cents (1978 ) It was 63 cents

I am not great at maths but to me looks like in the 70's Energy Crisis equalled 60% increase ( Over 5 Years ), but today looks more like 200% increase ( Over 5 Years )

Check Out My Own Site which includes Gas Prices and loads of other prices For Each Year from 1930 - 2000 . It also interesting to check the prices of property and wages over those years Prices For Gas Property etc From 1930 - 2000


Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

That graph really opens a persons eyes. No wonder we are struggling to get by. I know my wages have not gone up enough to handle the rate of the cost of living. Many people have had to take pay cuts and freezes just to keep their jobs.

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow!

It is scary to say the least!

Crazy thing is things keep going up, but they aren't giving cost of living pay raises/increases!

I know I am concerned if things keep going up, how are we going to make it? We all are in the same boat-WTF?

Tracey said...


It now costs me $15 to drive to my riding lesson, which is cheap at $35. But now, at $50 when including gas, it's not so cheap.

I'm looking at a drive to OR to pick up a couple more mustangs but anticipate the cost to be roughly $400. I'm not going to be able to do this much more...

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I just saw a television show about how we are running out of gas. After seeing that, I think about how my neighbors drive past my house dozens (maybe 30 times) a day without a care over how much gas they are burning. I see them drive up, get out of one car, get into another, and drive off. What the...? Anyway, perhaps if the cost of gas keeps going up, people will start to change their habits and save a little gas for the ambulances and other emergency vehicles that will really need it in the future when our supply starts running out.

The People History said...

Tracey ,

I can understand fully , we gave up the horse trailer 2 years ago partly because it was just getting so expensive to haul the horses around and partly for Zoe's college.

The truck now sits in the drive with gas but used less and less , last time we checked it was running about 16 MPG , we still title and insure each year because we get snowed in sometimes and that is the only vehicle that we can get around with . I know Callie loves driving her big red truck and misses it when we do use it she insists on driving and has a smile from ear to ear.

Twisted Oak
I know the graph brings it home big time and the worst part is the increases in cost of gas this year will only star

Jax said...

We're running out of gas?

Anyway, heard the dude from the energy commission say that 'gas prices must stay up in order to cut demand'. Wtf, mate? On one hand I understand the concept, but on the other its not like we've been given any really workable alternatives. Not everyone is in a position to walk or bike where they need to go.
I drive a pick-up truck because I needed 4W to get to work in the winter, and if my truck wasn't new and thereby too expensive for me to afford another vehicle I would so happily keep it off the road unless I needed it in exchange for a car that gets twice the gas mileage. Unfortunately, that sort of thing just isn't an option for some people on a budget.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well something has got to be done about this gas pricing. But who will do it. It didn't take them long to get us into this mess(8yrs.) and I don't see any quick fix solution in the future, no matter who gets in.

The People History said...

Grey Horse Matters.

You have put the nail on the head, the current oil problems are caused by a combination of a number of factors some within government control some not, and who ever gains power will have one of the toughest tasks in history to resolve and will need to make some tough decisions we all may not like.

The problems have been caused by

1 Public not responding to long term oil crisis by continueing to buy gas guzzlers over the last 10 years ( and the US manufacturers not responding because bigger cars / trucks = more profit

2. Oil producing countries deciding they want more of the pot from oil

3. Weakness of the dollar

4. The 9/11 attacks and US response causing a more unstable middle east.

5. Much Much increased oil consumption from the developing nations of India and China.

6. One of the top oil producing countries Nigeria effectivly in a civil war situation with disrution of oil supplies.

7. Greed of oil companies and no government intervention to clip their immoral profits.

8. All talk and little real action on the use of alternative energy by governments around the world.

9. Although there is still oil reserves around the world each decade the cost of getting the oil increases expodentialy.

10. This may be unpopular but the car makers who do have the improved technology have made the cost of buying those cars very high because of the lead they have leading to a lower adoption level.

I like many would love to drive a Prius but the cost is to high

I must be honest if you study the differences between the oil crisis now and in the 70's there are serious differences which imply a much worse outcome