Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proud To Be.........

So along with the recent "meme's" going around, my darling husband Steve came up with a great idea which is a little different than the normal "meme". He's an idea man! Why not pass a "Proud To Be...." along? So I'm going to start this with six, cuz it's a good number and pass it on to three.

1) Proud to be the wife to a great man!

2) Proud to be a Mother. Hopefully a good Mother.

3) Proud to be a home for so many creatures, the girls, the goats, the puppies, the kitties, and all else who dwell within this home.

4) Proud of my profession and the knowledge I've gained with my years of experience.

5) Proud to be care enough about the world I leave behind for our future, our children.

6) And yes, inspite of the political and economic unrest we all have endured. Proud to be an American.

And my husband giggled at me when he came up to see this post and asked, "Why didn't you create an award?" And I responded, "Well, I did think about it and it's so much work to fight with Photoshop." So he said that I'm proud to be an instant gratificcationist.

So now I'll get on to who I'll pass this on to. And sorry Mrs Mom , but Steve and I both thought of you first, so you get kicked again!

Next, My fine French friend over at Portraits De Chevaux , cuz I'd like to see this go around the world.

And finally from across the pond, not too far from France but in England, one of my favorites places in the world to visit, White Horse Pilgrim .


cdncowgirl said...

There is nothing wrong with your #6, although your hubby's idea was funnier! ;)
For the record, I'm very proud to be Canadian (hmmm, would you guess that from my 'name'?) but I'm also very proud of the American girls that are becoming my blog-friends, they are a FINE bunch of women... and that includes you of course Callie. :)

poor Mrs Mom, her hermit status must be being degraded, she's probably silver now. lmao

Mrs Mom said...

Good golly Callie and Steve!

Y'all are making me think too hard here..lol

Keep an eye out, I'll get it sorted out and up soon. ;)

Callie said...

LOL, cdncowgirl! and thanks! There's nothing wrong with Canada either. I'm working with a girl from Nova Scottia (don't think I spelled that right) and we raz her a bit about the (ays) and she puts up with us. I've had a couple of close friends in Canado over the years. We're neighbors!

Ok, Mrs Mom, I'll be on the lookout!

kdwhorses said...

Great one again!

Got my 6 things up now! Hope you enjoy!!!

Proud to be a AMERICAN!!!

cdncowgirl said...

Callie you were close, lose one "t" (Nova Scotia).
The "ay" thing (actually spelled "eh" by the way) ;)
You know, I make a point of listening for it when there are "Canadians" on tv (interviews, documentaries etc) and I don't really here it alot. But my personal opinion is that it is kinda like the American use of "like" or "ya know". Pretty much added onto a sentence for emphasis or to imply understanding.
Oh, and your friend from Nova Scotia... that is so east coast, she probably talks "funny". Its the accent thing, a lot of people from the east coast have a very strong accent. Compare how Americans from the midwest vs deep south vs eastern cities talk. Of course WE never think WE have the accent though right? ;)

Callie said...

I spelled that once when teasing a Canadian friend over the internet and he corrected me....LOL, Anyway, accent? I don't have an accent! LOLOL. You can hear a bit of one. One of my friends I worked moved back there last year, but before she did, she brought me some awesome lotion from that I love. Fruits & Passion- Pear Linden. OMG! It's awesome stuff!