Monday, July 21, 2008

Six Things........Hmmmm.....

I've done this before.... A few times, but I'm willing to think of a few more things to add. Victoria over at Teachings Of The Horse , tagged me for a game of meme. Six things that you may not know about me. So here it goes.

1) I am a Pediatric Critical Care Registered Nurse. I've been a Pediatric nurse for 17 years. Most new people I train at work are scared of me at first, so I've been told and then they find out that I'm really a pussycat! Not mean, but anal and set in my ways and a good teacher.

2) I am a Mother of one, Step-Mum of two and equally love all three young adult children we have and I hate using the term step-mom and only use it for purposes of explanation.

3) I should have been a farmer. I love the country life and our critters.

4) This is a second marriage for both Steve and I. We've been together for 8 years now and I believe we are soul mates! Truly! He is very patient. :)

5) I'm a believer in earth religions and love to visit ancient places. One of my favorite places in the world is Stone Henge. I've been there three times. I also love New Orleans and not for Bourbon Street, but for history and Voodoo.

6) I was a very naughty teenager and was done with my partying by the time I was 21 (legal). I do not drink now.

So now I'll pick only three victims for this game.

First I will infringe upon my good friend Mrs Mom's "Golden Hermit Status" over at Oh Horse Feathers and ask that she give us six things.

My good clean fun lovin' friend over at Blackjack Land And Cattle Company . This girl has the best lifestyle I think I've ever seen.

And last, but certainly not least, The ever so sweet and knowledgeable Arlene at Grey Horse Matters .

Please play along Ladies and then pass it on to at least three more!


Midlife Mom said...

Great meme Callie. I learned lots of new stuff about you. I think that is a howl that people are scared of you at first, you come across on your blog as a real pussy cat! My Hubby is the same, the new people are scared of him till they get to know him, we were just talking about this yesterday. They gasp when I call him and he is in a meeting and I tell them to just interupt him! lol!

Callie said...

It is funny, I know I can just say it like it is, but critical care nurses are known for "assertiveness", LOL, We real are aggressive in the work place!

Victoria Cummings said...

No wonder I like you! So, besides being a good sport, I learned more reasons that you are a great person! By the way, I had a really hard time linking to your blog on my post. And I know that the blog roll used to be correct - I just fixed it to be okay again. But I kept getting sent to another website at .com when I was putting you into my post - What voodoo is this? Or a Blogger glitch?

Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOL... Oh boy Callie girl.... Six things? Shouldnt be toooo hard, since I hardly evernever tell stuff about ME on there... hehehe

Look for it soon!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well thanks for picking me Callie, I'll work on it and come up with some new things, I'm really not very interesting.
You have a stressful job, don't think I could take care of sick children, I just don't have the personality for it, I'd probably be crying all day.
Naughty teenager, so who wasn't?
I love all the ancient things too, and would love to go to Stone Henge one day. My middle daughter(the horsey one) studied anthropology and archeology and is very into all that stuff, so I assume she got it from me.
You're a very interesting person.

Callie said...

Thanks, Gals, I'll be checking your posts out and sorry my weblog is being uncooperative there, Victoria. Weird!

Janet Roper said...

Hi Callie,
First time visitor - I enjoyed your 'Six Things' post, and I resonated with your #5 about earth religions and ancient places. I need to put Stone Henge on the top of my to do list. I used to live on LaFourche Bayou in Cut Off, LA, 1.5 hr. south of New Orleans. It was an amazing experience, almost like being a time traveler!

I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Callie said...

Thanks Janet and welcome! Hope you keep comin' back! I love LA state. It is so cool down there!. One of my favorite places in the world!

kdwhorses said...

Oh girl that is great! Thanks for doing your job! Nurses are very special people on earth! Keep it up!

Will get to it! Hum 6 things about me??

Have a great Tuesday!!